What do we do?

Soft One specializes in the sale of fabrics originating from Japan and Southeast Asia for use in Qatar’s predominant traditional ethnic attire. Typically, men opt for white fabrics, while women prefer black fabrics. Initially appearing similar in the way they are worn, these fabrics vary in color tones, texture, and costume style, allowing for diverse individual expressions within the simplicity of ethnic costumes.

Raw Material & Greige Cloth Trading

Soft One manages natural fibers like cotton and wool, as well as evolving synthetic fibers. For natural fibers, we import wool materials, our founding business, from leading suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, we source cotton from reputable Japanese mills in Asia and ASEAN, ensuring dependable quality control. In synthetic fibers, we acquire staple fibers, spun yarn, and filament yarn from diverse sources like Taiwan and Indonesia, offering these materials for sale in Japan, Europe, and the USA.

Textile Trading

We market Made-in-Japan fashion fabrics to European, American, Hong Kong, and Chinese markets. Initially focusing on synthetic filament textiles for women’s apparel, such as triacetate and polyester, we have expanded to meet the growing demand in Europe and the United States. We now handle premium textiles made from sustainable materials, aiming to broaden our target customer groups and sales channels. Additionally, we’ve initiated the expansion of autonomous offshore business through our overseas offices.