We cater to diverse manpower needs based on client specifications:


We exclusively hire passionate and experienced individuals for our waitstaff, ensuring reliability, trustworthiness, knowledge, and pride in being part of our team. Our staff members are experienced and well-suited to serve at any event.


For a clean and hygienic environment, we uphold high standards. As a leading company in cleaning and hygiene, we are committed to the health, safety, and well-being of your people, guests, and customers.

Assistant Teachers

Committed to enhancing the quality of supply teaching services across Qatar, we believe that supply teachers should maintain the same level of quality as regular teaching, meeting the expectations of both students and schools.

Warehouse Assistant

Our Warehouse staff service ensures the smooth daily operations of your warehouse. We provide legally compliant, trained, risk-aware workers capable of efficiently handling information processing.

Bartenders / Barista

We offer professionally trained bartenders to serve a full local bar, including beer on tap and fine wines & sparkling wines. Our bartenders are friendly, competent, and capable of confidently handling high-volume bars.

Food Samplers

Trained samplers are available to meet various sampling needs, including food and non-food contact surfaces, pre-harvest, raw and finished product samples, water samples, and more.


Our housekeepers are expertly trained, ensuring exceptional performance. You can expect a spotless and shining room after our housekeepers have completed their tasks, backed by our professional guarantee.

Event Servers

Our event servers are self-motivated, well-organized, and dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to delight your guests.

Volunteer/ Children Attendance

We provide child-friendly attender services, cultivating well-rounded attendees with the knowledge and skills required for babysitting tasks when you are away.

Sales associates and promoters

If you are seeking sales associates and promoters to enhance your sales and profits, we can provide knowledgeable professionals with a deep understanding of markets and their respective industries.

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